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How do I remove names from a land deed?

My parents, my sister and her husband, my wife and I are owners of 130 acres in Texas. All of our names are on the deed. We purchased the land together. My parents paid for the land in full and my sister and her husband were going to pay my parents 1/3 of the land cost and my wife and I would do the same. My parents made loan contracts to EACH couple and we signed them.
My sister and her husband divorced before they paid my parents back and my sister kept paying for a few months but then stopped and agreed my parents would keep her thrid of the land. The deed was never changed as far as removing anybodies name.
Then my sister passed away. I talked to her ex-husband and he agreed to sign what ever was needed to remove his name from the deed.
I paid my parents in full and now they want to give me their two thrids of the land as an inhertance.
How do I remove my sister's name and her ex-husband's name off the deed?

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gunz.ijjistaff | Joined: April 7, 2009 02:40 am | Posts: 0 | Location: New Jersey | 00 Dollars($)

Hi air7299 ,

Welcome to our forum.

First you need to know that this case is really [b:4eb8bfb189]complicated.[/b:4eb8bfb189][color=Red:4eb8bfb189][/color:4eb8bfb189] You can remove both names ( Your sisters & her husbands ) from the deed. First you need to contact your loan company to inform them that your sister had passed & her husband divorced her before he pass. So your sister passed & you paid for her part of property so you are real owner of that property & still date your sister not alive.

Now about her ex husband, He already divorced her so he have not any right to be beneficiary of your passed sisters property. If he still paying for deed he have right to take only his part & if he not paying to loan company he has not any right to his 1/3 Property. You can remove both names by take help of your lawyer to remove both names from the deed.

Thanks & Regards.

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