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George M Akerley is back!

Posted on: 06th Nov, 2013 07:02 pm
Hello everyone,

We're glad to announce that George M Akerley, a Community Mentor of our community is back again!!! For the past few months, he was unable to participate in the community. With 12433 posts in the community, he is one the most knowledgeable members participating in our community discussions.

The best part is that he has given us a testimonial which we will shortly highlight in our website! We expect him to participate more in the forums once again!

Welcome Back George... We're really glad to have you amongst us!

That's great to note Sam! :)
Posted on: 06th Nov, 2013 07:29 pm
It's a great news!! Welcome back George!! :)
Posted on: 07th Nov, 2013 01:00 am
Glad to know that George is back!!
Posted on: 07th Nov, 2013 07:54 pm
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