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Cost of Quick claim deed

my ex husband is refiancing and doing a quick claim deed. I want my name off the mortage, what is the cost of a quick claim deed. And what part do I play in getting my name removed from the mortage?

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Hi ab,

The cost of quitclaim deed will vary from one state to another as the transfer fees, stamp doc fees etc. change statewise. You can get in touch with the county clerk's office as they can tell you the exact cost.

To get your name removed from the mortage, you need to sign a quitclaim deed to transfer the title to your ex so he can [url=]refinance[/url] it in his name. But before you quitclaim, get it from him in writing that he'll refinance it in his name as soon as the deed is signed. Otherwise you'll be left to pay the mortgage without having the title of the property in your name.



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