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quit claim deeds

Posted on: 21st Feb, 2008 06:35 am
My grandma recently passed away and I have a land contract with her on my house with 13 yrs remaining, my cousin was named successor trustee with nothing in the trusts about my contract but that has been recorded with the state but the deed is already in our name, what can I do and who do I pay?
Was the contract with your grandmother or the trust? Is the deed in your name already?
Posted on: 21st Feb, 2008 07:50 am
The contract was with my Grandma and online the deed shows my name but also shows the land contract registered with it.
Posted on: 21st Feb, 2008 08:14 am

As far as what I have understand is the deed is in your name. So you should be the owner of it - isn't it?
Posted on: 21st Feb, 2008 04:13 pm
It sounds like the real property was not part of the trust. Since the property has bee deeded to you, I don't see a problem. If you have any real questions, take all the documents to a local real estate attorney.
Posted on: 22nd Feb, 2008 05:32 pm
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