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Does a Quit Claim Deed need to be prepared by an attorney in

My ex-boyfriend and I bought a house together 5 years ago, he wants to walk away and says he isn't going to pay anymore on the loan ( which is in both of our names ) I asked him to sigh a [url=]Quit Claim Deed[/url] and he has agreed, does an attorney have to prepare it or can I? And will the mortgage company make me [url=]refinance[/url] in only my name with him signing the Quit Claim Deed?

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Hi cfannin!

You can download a [url=]quitclaim deed form[/url], fill it up and notarize and record it in the county recorder's office. But it is always better to take the help of an attorney as he/she will be able to draft the deed properly with all the legal terms and conditions.

Yes, the mortgage company can ask you to refinance the mortgage once the property is transferred in your name. It's better that you inform them about the transfer of the property.


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