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Debt Reaffirmation after bankruptcy - What does it mean?

Posted on: 08th May, 2008 06:08 am
we filed ch. 13 bk and it was discharged 8/07. i am delinquent on our second mortgage. i just pulled our credit report and it states under the second mortgage creditor: reaffirmation of debt. what does this mean? are they foreclosing?
hi robrt,

you should have reaffirmed the loan when you were in bankruptcy filing. as your bankruptcy filing has been discharged and your debt hasn't been reaffirmed, i don't think you will be able to get a refinance now.

Posted on: 01st May, 2012 11:43 pm
how do I get reaffirmation if the lawyer didn't have me sign anything but I am still paying my morgage and the bankruptcy is already final
Posted on: 15th May, 2012 03:58 pm
Hi sherri!

Welcome to forums!

You can contact your bankruptcy attorney and ask him to provide you with the reaffirmation agreement. If the bankruptcy has been discharged, then you will have to re-open the bankruptcy filing and then reaffirm the mortgage.

Feel free to ask if you've further queries.

Posted on: 16th May, 2012 12:43 am
I did chapter 7 in 2009 my mortgage was never reaffimed. At this point I want to walk away from it since the house market are bad, I own more than the house value
Posted on: 23rd Oct, 2012 07:11 am
hi dee,

as you never reaffirmed the loan after your chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, you are not personally liable for paying the loan. so, you can walk away from the property. the lender won't be able to come after you in order to recover the loan amount. he will sell off the property in order to recover his debts.


Posted on: 25th Oct, 2012 02:43 am
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