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Forum Guidelines, Terms of Use and Conditions of Service

Welcome to MortgageFit forums.

We believe your participation can add value to our community. To help you be a part of the forums, we have updated our guidelines as given below.

General Guidelines

  • Our forum is an open platform; thus, comments posted in it are the sole opinion of the author (poster) and he/she is fully responsible for it. The opinions are not endorsed by MortgageFit (MF), and hence you should agree not to hold MF liable for such comments.
  • There can be diverse opinions to a particular issue. In such a case, we request you not to criticize harshly but to be polite and indulge in a healthy debate.
  • Duplicate content will not be entertained. We consider duplicate content as:
    • An exact copy of information from any other source
    • A replica of information as posted in your blog or personal website

    Once the system detects duplicate content, it will convert the content into image.

    How to avoid duplication:

    • Re-write content from external source in your own language
    • If at all you wish to refer an external source, please put the url in double quotes if it's a .com site or else it will be deactivated by moderators. If it's .org site or .edu site, keep the link active. However, for .com sites like Freddie/Fannie Mae or Naca or any community based/non-profit organization, you can give an active link.
  • There can be similar advice to different situations, but avoid posting the exact copy everywhere. Instead, give the url of the related page or change the language and then post it wherever necessary. Otherwise, it will result in repetition and affect our credibility as visitors would find an exact copy of the content in most forum pages.
  • Please do not consider any advice you receive in the forum as a "legal advice". Consult a certified attorney and take his opinion before taking any decision.
  • Avoid providing your company name or contact address in your posts. If at all, you wish others to know it, add them to your signature. You can speak more about yourself in the Introduce Yourself thread and let the community know you.
  • Avoid using abusive or threatening remarks or remarks such as "being foolish, stupid etc" on other users and see that you do not defame, threaten or violate the legal rights of others.
  • Avoid making personal attacks to any individual in the forum.
  • Refrain from making political and/or religious comments in the forums.
  • We expect members and guests will respect each other and make our community a better place for all.
  • Do not provide your email address as link in your posts as it may result in spam and will be deactivated by moderator/site admin. You can specify it in your signature.
  • Spam posts, promotional posts and commercial advertisements are not entertained and shall be deleted by moderators/admin.

    Spam posts include:

    • Content repeated with similar wordings in different forum threads.
    • Junk messages or statements.

    Promotional posts are those in which:

    • You solicit members/guests visiting our forums.
    • Make remarks like "call me at....I can offer you....."

    Commercial ad includes statement such as:

    "We are a company offering MMMA software program...we can get you one."

    However, if members/guests have already posted below promotional posts, then the promotional post should not be entirely deleted, or else the postings below will not make sense. And, it is not possible to delete all postings done below. So, the moderator/admin is requested to delete only the promotional part of the post in such a case.

  • Each community member is expected to post with a single ID. We do not encourage members posting with different IDs from the same IP address.
  • Moderators have the right to deactivate/delete links, email addresses or parts of the post which violate the forum rules. They should inform the poster as to why they have done so. Alternatively, they can inform the poster and request him/her to make necessary changes so that the post confirms to the rules.
  • Off-topic discussions will not be entertained in any other forum except the Pub/Announcement Forum. So, moderators have the right to delete them.
  • Any individual under 13 years of age will need to provide a release form from their parents before posting in our forums. This is in accordance with the Children Online Privacy Protection Act of 2000 (COPPA).
  • The above forum rules are also applicable to private messaging. Misuse of the private messaging system may lead to the revocation of the same.


  • Signatures should not be more than 225 characters. The size of the text should be normal.
  • Links in signatures are allowed. But avoid including links in a way which suggest that you offer official support, services, etc for MortgageFit.
  • You can give links to finance related sites in your signature. But they shouldn't be promotional and the sites linked should not be related to porn, warez, politics, gambling and similar off-topics. If this rule is violated, the site admin will remove the links from your signature.
  • The text in signature follows similar rules as applicable for the forum posts.


  • Users are allowed to use a gallery avatar.
  • User defined avatars should be no longer than 90x150.
  • Avatars are subject to rules similar to that of the forum posts.
  • Users not abiding by the rules will lose their avatar privileges.

We request you to conform to the guidelines, and welcome your suggestions/feedback for the improvement of our forums.

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