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Transferring ownership of a mobile home

A friend of mine is selling her mobile home. She owns the home outright so there is no liens/mortgages on the home. When she finds a cash buyer what paper work will be required to be completed to transfer the home? She thinks they can just sign a warranty deed and be done with it. Is this right? Doesn't it have to be filed somewhere with the state or county? What is all the steps she must do once she has a buyer? The home is in Denton, TX.

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Hi TXplorer,

To transfer the ownership a warranty deed would be a good option as this will guarantee that the title is free and clear and there is no lien placed on it. So, this is a secure way of transferring ownership. On the deed, she needs to sign as the grantor transferring title to the buyer, the grantee. The deed then needs to be notarized and recorded with the county recorder's office to validate it.

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If a will is not probated within 5 years, due to the recipients being minors, and their parents were unable to accept the responsibilities of paying taxes and general upkeep, who then legally is entitle to the decease property? There is no spouse, parents or siblings, having children, grandchildren and great grands at the time of death.

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