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How can I get the right numbers

How can I get the right numbers

Hi everyone.

I own a home in VA. It is 7.125% INTEREST rate. 40 year interest only for first 10. I owe 192k It is currently valued around 150k. I had to quit my job and move to SC to help take care of a sick parent. I rented my home out for 2 years. There is one year left on the lease and the rent cover all but $250 Of the monthly payment. I have PMI. My loan is NOT a freddie Mac or Fannie Product. It was through Bank Of America.

I am now one month behind. I tried to do the right thing by renting the house so that I could keep up with the payments. I honestly am to the point of walking away from it because it seems no matter what I do I can't get help on it. It isn't a Fannie or Freddie product It isn't a primary residence (even though I intend to move back at the end of the current renters lease)

I am going to talk to Bank of America and see what they have to say but all I am going to get is some one who follows a script and has no real ability to make decisions. I would like to just tell them to lower the interest or take the house.

Any suggestions or experiences that you can share.

1 Answers

You can contact Bank of America and apply for a loan modification if you want to save your property. This will help you in getting a repayment plan which will make it easier for you to pay off the loan. If you find that you aren't getting a loan modification, then you can surrender the property to the lender and may apply for a deed in lieu of foreclosure or a short sale to sell off the home.

adonis | Asked on 2012-01-10

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