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What does Investor Suspense Adjustment mean?

What does Investor Suspense Adjustment mean?

Have loan with Ocwen, made June payment told I have Suspense amount and they'll adjust my monthly payments. Am on loan modification and with them being in a call center overseas it is hard to understand everything.

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| 6-06-2012

4 Answers

I guess your loan payments were suspended for few months or your payments have been reduced for few months. Now they will start charging you extra in order to recover that extra amount.

smith.sussane | Asked on 2012-06-06

I guess the lender has suspended your payments or reduced your payments for few months as you weren't able to pay off the mortgage. Now they will start charging you extra in order to recover that amount.

Anonymous | Asked on 2012-06-06

Who can you turn too when the Making Homes Affordable counseling agency writes a check to help you get answers regarding the inconsistencies coming out of Ocwen, and their check bounces I ended up with the face value the check was written for, check charges and a mountain of fees, and had to agree to a short term repayment plan to avoid foreclosure and the Making Homes Affordable says they will not make the bad check and subsequent charges good.

Anonymous | Asked on 2014-12-07

I requested an application for an INTEREST modification ONLY. (neb=ver late making payments; just want to get rate lower than it is. Told by the OCWEN loan service agent who is in India I had to make 3 "trial" payments before I could even get a copy of the interest modification terms being proposed! Made all 3 payments (they TOOK part of my Nov. 2014 payment and applied to first payment. I then receive documnets OCWEN sent indicating they had filed my application for a hardship program which lowered my mortgage by almost $1,000.00 but ended with a $120,000.00 BALLOON payment in 15 years! What happened to my interest modification? OCWEN says they don't do that. LANGUAGE barrier or do what I please with your loan syndrome? I refused to sign, but they have REFUSED to remove this falsly applied for program. How to you win when they hide in India and no agency will help FORCE these lenders to FOLLOW RULES; NOT LIE and mislead customers. Do they get a kick back from putting people in these programs who don't want or need them.People who do need the program now are also not likely to have a BALLOON payment source of funds when the time comes.....and so....the banks take their homes??? What is this; legalized theft??!!!

Anonymous | Asked on 2015-03-15

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