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Unapplied funds and late payment

Unapplied funds and late payment

We were running short on funds this month, but on the due date I paid half of the mortgage because I have paid half and half before....Now I'm wondering that when I do make the other half of the payment 11 days late, will the "unapplied funds" that are sitting in there from my half payment be applied to my other half payment to make it a full payment? I don't know because it says amount due is the full amount...but half of it should be paid....and when will they start calling and asking us why we're late? Not looking forward to the calls but it will be paid on the 27th even though it's due by the 16th!

andturik's picture
andturik | 19-04-2012

3 Answers

As far as I know, you should pay off the other half of the loan as quickly as possible. It will depend upon the lender as to when they will start calling you. If you pay off the loan by 27th, I don't think the lender will give you calls for the mortgage.

adonis | Asked on 2012-04-20

As you have paid off one half of the loan, it will be better if you could pay off the other half as soon as possible. You can try to make the payments within 23rd or 24th of the month.

jameshogg | Asked on 2012-04-20

Do not pay half and half under any circumstances, we did this for a little over 6 month and we now got slapped with a 4300 dollar late payments notice, alltough we have 4900 in unapplied funds, banks are to stupid to put two payments together to make one. wait till you have to the full amount  

Anonymous | Asked on 2012-06-02

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