43 Financial Calculators: Calculate with online mortgage calculator

Check out free online mortgage calculators on home affordability, mortgage, refinance, debt, tax savings and retirement planning. These are simple, user-friendly tools to help you with quick and easy calculations so that you can compare and take the right decision.

Home Affordability Calculators

Determine whether to buy or rent and check out mortgage affordability calculator.

Mortgage Calculators

Try home mortgage calculator to calculate mortgage APR, compare FRM and ARM etc.

Other Financial Calculators

Check out financial tools to determine home buying tax benefits, retirement savings etc.

Mortgage Refinancing Calculators

Use Refinance calculator to compare cash-out refinance and second mortgage.

Mortgage Amortization Calculators

Use mortgage loan calculator to calculate mortgage payment, and get loan amortization schedule.

Debt Calculators

Calculate debt to income ratio, how much to save by debt consolidation etc.

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