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Home loan Requirements

Home loan Requirements

I am considering buying a home. I am 37 yrs old without any assests I guess. I've been renting my entire life and so far have paid 48600.00 for rent over 3 years here at 1350. a month. I could own a home. I work as a nurse pay my bills but to be honest credit score is only 632 and i have student loans that i am paying off along with 2 college tuitions. What are my chances of getting a home loan?

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2 Answers

Contact a local lender.

Caron | Asked on 2016-01-12

Hi Lashea - FHA is your best bet - it allows for the lowest down payment option and works for people with lower scores    You would need 3.5% for the down payment - Your income and employment sound like they would work I would be glad to answer any specific questions Feel free to ask     Good Luck Brian Barnes Mortgages Nationwide  

brian1 | Asked on 2016-01-12

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