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How do I avoid Foreclosure

How do I avoid Foreclosure

My mom passed in 2010. I have the right to survivorship. The deed is filed showing this designation upon death. There is a mortgage on the home. I have paid the taxes each year and paid the mortgage for about a year until the bank started refusing my payments. They would mail them back.They advised I had to become executor of the estate to make payments. There is no rule requiring this. It's now in foreclosure. They won't let me discuss the loan to bring it current or refinance it because I'm not on it. What should I do?

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2 Answers

As per your 'right to survivorship', you've automatically become the owner of the home. There's no way the bank can violate this and you can defend your right in a court of law. Contact an attorney to chart out an exact course of action to prevent this foreclosure. 

Caron | Asked on 2016-01-21

Did you send in a copy of the deed, showing you have the right to the property, along with the payment?   Michele 310.351.6579

Anonymous | Asked on 2016-01-28

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