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how do you cancel a mortgage refinance

how do you cancel a mortgage refinance

the mortgage company I chose changed the agreed closing date to benefit them how long do I have before ican cancel the process what are my rights

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2 Answers

You have the right to cancel up until you sign the settlement documents. Once you've signed, you're responsible. Although, if you're that close.... do you really want to start over? I'm sure rates are worse now than when you began..?

Anonymous | Asked on 2015-12-07

If it is a refi you have up to 3 days AFTER you have signed to cancel after that you are comitted Starting over may or may not be worth the effort since it is a refi most banks will prioritize purchase loans over it - if they are busy you may have been bumped because of this     Good Luck Brian Barnes Senior Mortgage Advisor loans in all 50 states  

brian1 | Asked on 2015-12-09

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