House approves Anti-Predatory Mortgage Bill

The faulty mortgage practices which damaged the economy and financial markets round the globe will now face tighter restrictions. H.R. 1728, Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act would take steps to make sure that the borrowers avoid mortgages which are costly so that they can pay back their creditors and receive better disclosures.

Low mortgage rates: Is it for everyone???

It has been noticed for quite some time that the mortgage rates have been incredibly low. It has tempted a number of people to refinance or buy their first home. But it's really doubtful whether everyone would qualify for the lower rates or not. There are lots of factors which one has to consider in this regard. Some of these are mentioned below:

5 Tips to manage upside down mortgage

Most of the homebuyers who have purchased their dream home during the housing boom of 2004 - 2006 are upside down on their mortgage. So, what does "upside down on mortgage" mean? It is a situation where you owe more money on your home than you could get by selling it. It's very discouraging to know that you owe more on your home is worth.

But hold on. If you find yourself in such a situation, you have some options which might let you keep your home. Check them out here:

Nearly 70,000 discussions in MortgageFit!!!

Hello everyone,

It's a pleasure for me to announce that nearly 70,000 discussions have taken place in MortgageFit Forums till date. Moreover, the community has also crossed 32,500 members!!! Though there are various categories in our forums, yet discussions on loan modification, bankruptcy, refinance and first time home buyer's tax credit are gaining importance in recent times.

8 Tips to file your tax returns

April 15th is round the corner and it's common for last minute filers to rush through their tax forms. Rushing through the tax forms may increase the chances of making unnecessary mistakes. It has been noticed that due to these unnecessary mistakes, the tax refunds from the government are delayed. Here are some of the tax tips which may help you in filing your taxes for 2009:

New Fears crop up in the Credit Market

The uncertainty which has sent the stocks to 12-year low has now started to affect the corporate bonds and loans which had resulted into a lot of gains earlier in the year. The short-term credit markets are still doing better than the last year. This is a result of the programs taken up by the government to buy commercial paper and guarantee short-term debt.

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