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The Urban Trekker has been maintained by Dewita Soeharjono. She is a Real Estate Advisor by profession but the attractive title of her blog shows her artistic skills as well.

Most of her posts show that she has been successfully “tracking” the real estate market. She has always been helpful in giving us the latest updates about the market conditions. One of the most interesting features of her posts is that most of them are supported with charts and graphical representations, which is not only attractive but also makes it easier to understand.

How to boost your Tax Savings

Hi all,

I'm little late for the New Year wishes but anyway…here's wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

It's the time when we need to think about filing our tax returns – that's a big task and I’m already prepared this time…Guess what helped me? Well, a few days prior to the end of 2007, I came across Jessica's Tips on How to get tax benefits this year.

Mortgage Tax Relief by US Senate

US Senate has taken a great step recently by approving the Mortgage Tax Relief. Thousands of American families are facing financial problems due to the sub prime mortgage crisis. In this financial crisis, the homeowners first default and then lose their dream home. They even try to reduce their debt by working out with the lenders but then hit with huge tax bills due to the forgiven debt. So the US Senate has outstretched their helping hand by relieving them from at least the mortgage taxes.

US Senate Bill – A blessing for distressed homeowners

The U.S. Senate approved a bill on Friday, 14th December 2007, in order to make it easier for thousands of homeowners with inflated interest rates to refinance into federally insured loans and help them save their home from foreclosure.

About 2 – 2.5 million adjustable rate mortgages are scheduled for a reset in the coming year and many borrowers might even lose their homes due to the high interest rates. The Senate’s proposed plan will be a blessing for these “distressed homeowners”.

I was just wondering when going through the articles on various financial issues written by Robert. Basically he is a well-known professional in the matters concerning investors. Mr. Valentine currently lives in Huntington Beach, California. His articles on financial planning matters that concern investors have been published by several publications throughout the United States.

His specialized fields:

Allpacificmortgage - An allround-coverage on mortgage

Staci Carsten, a real estate professional maintains this blog. He picked up some of the very relevant and useful topics on mortgage & real estate and covered it in the most convenient way. Some of the topics are based on:

Mortgage frauds, Ways to purchase property, foreclosures, tax issues, debt consolidation etc.

Foreclosure vs. Deed in Lieu

With the hike in the interest rates on Adjustable rate mortgage, Foreclosure becomes a daily phenomenon in the US finance market. When one goes through the foreclosure, it becomes very difficult for him to improve his credit score. It does not only drop the credit score by 300 points but it is also shown on the credit report for 10 years. So it is very tough to get approve for another mortgage within two years after one has gone through the foreclosure process.

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