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JPMorgan Chase & Co has stopped issuing mortgage to borrowers with poor credit rating. The second largest mortgage lender in the nation is pulling back from offering home loans to risky borrowers due to foreclosure anxieties. Even with government's assurance, JPMorgan Chase & Co has lost confidence in its capability in recovering money from foreclosure homes and this has triggered a shift in the way they conduct business.


In today's competitive housing market, it is very difficult to find a decent home. If you are lucky enough to find one, the next important thing is to get help from a real estate planner & arrange the loan. You should be alert in this situation, as you might encounter with a desperate real estate agent or lender who can manipulate your finances.


New York City lawmakers and housing advocacy groups have recently submitted a new proposal to buy back underwater mortgages to help struggling homeowners. NYC council members have requested Mayor Bill de Blasio on June 25,2014 to join them and assist homeowners, who are on the verge of facing foreclosure. The members have asked Mayor Bill de Blasio to use eminent domain and buy back bad mortgages.


Being a student is the most crucial & exciting part of any person's life. In this stage, you will be trained & educated to polish your survival instincts which will help you to overcome future hurdles. For higher studies & all other related issues, you'll often have to relocate from your town to big metropolitan cities. Along with other necessities, you'll need to find a good house for living there to carry on your studies. As a student you can stay in a college hostel or in your friends/relatives house.

We are at the threshold of celebrating the 238th Independence day on 4th of July, 2014. Like many other fellow Americans, we will remember the sacrifice & honor of our beloved leaders/soldiers who devoted their lives for us. They not only fought for our present but also for our better living, better food & shelter in future. To be called a truly independent U.S citizen, we should also work on those causes which will secure our children's future life. Housing problem is the most important amongst those causes.


Refinancing the home is quite confusing & stressful process even for the financially savvy borrowers. You may be an expert on real estate & mortgage market, but you never know when you could be a victim of a housing or refinance scam. Amongst the reputed lending companies there are few sophisticated scammers who can take the advantage of your need & ruin your financial stability. So, let's get an idea about the refinancing scams & the possible ways to detect & avoiding them.

Home renovation cost

Buying a home is one of the most desired dreams of an individual. People put all their efforts & lifetime savings to get a proper living place for their family. But their responsibilities will not be completed after buying a home. Purchasing a property is a form of investment as well as savings. People should also maintain & improve it to get a high yield in future. Like home buying, renovation & improvement procedure has several costs associated with it. Let's have an idea on how to manage those costs & what resources are available as a tool.

Separating myths from facts can be difficult, especially when you’re faced with conflicting and contradictory information about foreclosures and the foreclosure realty market. Whether you want to start off with an investment business or you’re a distressed homeowner who is on the verge of facing foreclosure, you should be aware of the foreclosure myths along with the hard facts. The fear factor that is usually associated with the process of foreclosure has led to people not discussing openly about the process. Nevertheless, here are some foreclosure myths that you may take into account.


In mortgage industry, the term Private Mortgage Insurance is quite familiar to all. Potential borrowers seek help from a financial firm to own their dream home. While getting that help, people facing cash problem might have to bear the extra burden of Private mortgage insurance policy. Let us discuss the ins & outs of this policy & try to learn the benefits from the point of view of both borrowers & lenders.

Duties of a personal representative

Before discussing the duties, it must be defined who is called a Personal Representative (P.R). A person or a firm who is appointed to manage the assets & liabilities after the death of an individual is called a Personal Representative or an executor. The P. R not only settles the financial affairs of the decedent, but also distributes the net assets amongst the beneficiaries as directed in the last will.

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