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People normally buy bigger houses due to several reasons. Sometimes, promotion or new job can enhance the necessity of a bigger house. As their lifestyle gradually improves, they upgrade their home & want to move in a new bigger house. Realtors also influence them to “buy as much and as big as possible.” But if you have a closer look, you'll find that smaller homes were the most cost-efficient & desired amongst the people in last few decades.

Second mortgage: What if I sell my house along with it?


You’ve got an exhaustive list of things to do from your real estate listing agent in order to make your house look all the more appealing and catchy to the potential buyers. Surely, you thought you’re done with them all, just when the agent hands out a report of her cost analysis on selling your property within present market value and your mortgage loan balance.

Is it wise for a millennial to buy a new home?


Buying a new home has many positive aspects associated with it. You will have many financial benefits like you can use the home as a collateral & opt for different loans according to your needs. But it is also true that purchasing a house is one of the most expensive decisions a person could ever make. Therefore, you need to do a lot of research before making that decision. You might find some very compelling reasons to not buy a home. Let us discuss about those probable reasons deeply.

5 Annoying behaviors of a borrower that turns off a lender


There are several cases where borrowers are often misled by lenders through different illegal practices. The lenders sometimes use dirty tricks to manipulate borrower's finances as well as their minds. But there is another side to the story which might prove that the lenders are not always guilty. Intentionally or unintentionally, some borrowers may also alter or twist the truth for the sake of getting a good mortgage deal. As a result, both lender & the borrower might get into a confusion which leads to a unsuccessful mortgage deal.


Time and tide wait for none. The clock is ticking for the homeowners and the homebuyers who want to grab a low mortgage rate in the year 2014. After a long period of record-low interest rates, the prospective homebuyers and the homeowners are fretting over the predictions of rising interest rates through 2014.


Being a common homeowner, it is not always possible to spot home loan oriented scams. If you are a homeowner who desperately wants to survive in this housing downfall and want to save his house from being foreclosed, a mail or phone call with a lucrative offer may easily tempt your mind. Companies offering low rate loan modification deals are likely to be a boon to those eager people who accepts these offers to save hundreds of dollars in a month. But “all that glitters is not gold”...most of the time it could turn out to be much worse than before.


It is wise to get pre-approved for a mortgage before you search for your dream home. Getting pre-approved is an assurance by the lender that you're qualified to get a loan upto a certain amount. But unfortunately, many prospecting buyers do not understand the importance of getting pre-approved. Actually most of the new-home buyers are unaware of the pre-approval facts. So, before plunging into the housing market, you should know some aspects of pre-approval to enhance your chances of getting a home loan.


Buying a new home is one of the most confusing and difficult tasks a person can handle in his entire life. Every person wants to get a perfect living place for his family along with other comforts. And to achieve that goal, mortgage is essential. Unfortunately, you might find mortgage process much more confusing than finding the home. There are many factors associated with mortgage process which may influence your finances.

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