Not able to send .exe files in Gmail. Try this Trick!

For security Gmail does not allow you to send files with .exe extension. But if you are sure your exe file is free of viruses and you want to send it then just change the file extension from .exe to .ex

This way gmail will not recognize it as an executable file and will allow you to send it.

Make sure the person you are sending this file changes the back the extension to .exe before launching it.

How Reverse Mortgages help Aging Seniors

Hi all,

An exciting experience that I feel like sharing with you - it's about a presentation I've just completed. It's on Reverse Mortgages - we all know it helps seniors but aren't there other options doing the same for them?

There are, but which is better - reverse mortgage or the plethora of options such as the Medicaid, Medicare, equity loans, social security and the like? It's a big question no doubt and I've tried to find out the right answer to it!

Now, this blog is maintained by Bill Gassett. Bill is a Realtor primarily dealing in properties in Metrowest MA.

The best part about Bill is unlike other realtor's he is committed in offering advice to home buyers that will help them get the best deal available to them.

You can check out some the post listed below for example.

Helping you sell your home - FSBO Jane

This Blog is maintained by Jane who address himself as a semi retired real estate expert who has done it all marketing, showing, selling homes, staging, informing!!

She feels that if she had sold her property through a realtor then the profit margin would have been extremely different and that why she is a big fan of FSBO (for sale by owners).

Why to use loan calculator?

Loan calculators are very important in day to day life. It allows you to know the exact amount of your loan before you apply for it. At the same time you can also calculate the EMI of your loan. You can also use mortgage loan calculator to determine your mortgage rates. Loan calculators also can also be used for auto loans.

You will find many type of loan calculator on web. While most of them are free to use, some of them are paid. The large benefit of using loan calculators is to compare loan offers.

Syndication Effects

There are some remarkable syndication tools available online, that helps the very cause of your website or blog. One such tool is the Mini Forums. It serves almost the same purpose as forum-based websites do but in a miniature format. This tool helps the users to put their queries & problems by clicking a small Question Box. They can see the answer or replies sent by other online readers just by clicking the Answer Box.

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