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How to keep the home safe from thieves in 2015


From year 2011 to 2013, statistics showed nearly 2860 burglaries committed in the US out of every 100,000 citizens. However, in 2014 property crimes were decreased with 14% drop in burglary. But there is no such guaranty that the rate won't rise up. So, it is time for you to get prepared all by yourself. If you can follow some safety guidelines as a homeowner, you can reduce the possibilities of your home being victimized by a group of burglars.


As a common US individual, we all have welcomed the year 2015 in a very pleasant manner. We have cherished the moment of it's arrival, made new commitments & resolutions which we will maintain throughout the year. But are you one of the most distressed people who are still suffering from the foreclosure problem? Have a look at the ideas given'll surely have some comfort.

How divorcees should knock the doors of mortgage lenders


Divorce makes you emotionally and financially vulnerable, with lots of difficult adjustments to make. And, if you're planning to buy a house for yourself, then life would be even more challenging since you've to face strict mortgage underwriting rules. But, don't lose hope because there are many divorcees in the country who have qualified for mortgage in the last few years.

WK02MU - Home financing tips 2015 – What are the tricks you have in your sleeves

It’s a new year 2015 – started with lots & lots of fun, expectations and promise to fulfill in the coming days. As a home buyer, you can expect many changes in real estate market as well as mortgage industry. To be in a safe side, you must be aware off the little options of financing your home. If you know the tricks & tips on how to get finance in 2015, it will be easier for you to get a suitable mortgage loan & to avail a perfect home.

Home selling in 2015 – Factors a seller should consider


Year 2015 has just started, & we are about to notice many opportunities in real estate market in this year. It is sure that there will be many changes in real estate field since 2014, for both buyers & sellers. If we just keep in mind those essential points which may help an individual to sell home in 2015, it will be a positive thing to use while the deal & for top dollar.


You are thinking to purchase a house but you are hesitating because of insufficient funds for paying out the down payment. People wanted to pay out the down payment just to avoid the extra burden of private mortgage insurance. If you are also suffering from this, you should try out the option of lender-paid mortgage insurance (LPMI). If Inadequate fund is the only obstacle stopping you from taking the benefit of low interest rates, you should look out for this option.

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